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How to deal with the malfunction of the network advertisement machine? What are the methods?


The service life of electronic equipment is usually 3-5 years according to the normal situation. In the process of using, there will be some minor problems. At this moment, we should know clearly the problems and solutions of failure in advance. Guangzhou Soxspeed Advertising Machine manufacturer said that the network advertising machine display failure and treatment methods.

Virus Problem: In view of the virus problem of advertisement machine, it is seldom encountered in fact, but it is not excluded that some people maliciously attack the software platform of network advertisement machine, causing confusion of font, web page jitter, camera opening, screen jitter and so on. If this kind of problem occurs, please contact the advertisement machine manufacturer directly, where the advertisement machine manufacturer comes from. Reason;

Power supply problems: Advertising machine manufacturer Soxspeed usually has built-in voltage stabilization circuit, but environmental changes beyond the selected range will cause display abnormalities, similar to flash screen, which must be voltage stable input, if not, it will have to replace the power board;

Screen scratch: The screen of the network advertisement machine is usually made of toughened glass. It is easy to scratch because of poor workmanship when it leaves the factory or scratch during installation. Besides, the screen of Android advertisement machine will not be damaged or cracked, but if there is such a problem, it will. We have to consult the manufacturer of advertising machine.

Screen breaking and screen breaking: Generally speaking, no matter what kind of LCD advertisement machine is, it should be used normally when it leaves the factory. When the advertisement machine is sent to the customer to install and debug, it is found that screen breaking is mostly due to transportation problems. Often, advertisement machine manufacturers can provide free replacement or assist in logistics claims settlement, while screen breaking is actually with the customer. The lamp is related to the life of the lamp, aging and damage, just replace it directly.

When we buy online advertising machines, we not only need to know how to deal with the problem of malfunction, but also how to maintain the LCD advertising machines in daily use so as to make them long-term friendly to use. This is also one of the problems that can not be ignored.

Guangzhou Sosu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It has six branches all over the country, with more than 100 agents and distributors. Its main products include capacitive touch integrated machine, infrared touch integrated machine, vertical advertisement machine, wall-mounted advertisement machine, horizontal advertisement machine, teaching integrated machine, conference integrated machine, etc. Custom-made! Since its establishment, Guangzhou Soxspeed Electronic Science and Technology has taken "technological innovation, pragmatic progress, mutual benefit" as its business purpose, and "integrity, dedication, innovation and development" as its business philosophy, combined with strict quality control system, after years of dedicated management, Soxspeed has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, and the state compulsory 3C. Certification, etc.

Guangzhou Sosu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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